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Dutch Lanka Trailers Authorized Dealer

Tough bomb carts that are used worldwide at the busiest maritime ports.

About Dutch Lanka Trailers

DLT, established in 1992, is part of TATA Enterprises since 2009 and a wholly owned subsidiary in 2011 of TRF LTD. DLT is a BOI company in Sri Lanka exporting trailers for Ports and Road trailers globally; DLT exports to more than 45 countries and has 30% market share in port trailers in Middle East and 65% market share in Road Trailers in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Learn more about DutchLankaTrailers.lk

Dutch Lanka Trailers - Port Equipment - Authorized Dealer Alvinter

Dutch Lanka Trailers For Sale

We offer a range of models from 40 tons up to 65 tons capacity. All the models can be offered with options such as solid tyres, bolt-on guides, rocker beam suspension, braked or unbraked axles.New and used port equipment available for sale at our location in Pembroke Pines, Florida


NEW: Dutch Lanka Trailers RORO

Double oscillating bogie with solid rubber tires will provide many hours of trouble free service. Models range from 40 tons up to 100 tons.


NEW: Dutch Lanka Trailers Bomb Cart

This is Dutch Lanka Trailers first Bomb-Cart Trailer was developed in 1995. Since then many units have been supplied to port operators world wide in a variety of capacities and configurations.

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Our location in Miramar, Florida has a large inventory of new and reconditioned port equipment. For example: Forklifts, Bomb Carts, and Terminal Tractors.

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