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Authorized Distributor for Taylor in Chile

Forklifts, reach stackers, wood loaders and more material handling equipment. Parts and technical service.

About Taylor International

Taylor Machine Works, Inc., located in Louisville, Mississippi, is one of the only privately held manufacturers of industrial lift trucks operating in America today. The company was founded by W.A. Taylor, Sr., in 1927, as a small family-owned automotive and repair business.

The engineering and research and development groups at Taylor continue to produce new and improved machines to get the job done in the materials handling industry. Special engineering of the “Big Red” machines produces innovations in the industry in response to customer requirements.

The mission of Taylor International is to provide our international customers with the highest quality lift trucks, container handlers, and reach stackers in the world and back them with the most responsive after market parts & service organization available.

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Taylor Forklifts Spare Parts and Equipment

We are providing technical support service and a complete array of spare arts throughout Chilean territory. Commercial offices in the Metropolitan area of Santiago and initially technical service based in Antofagasta but with a reach throughout the country.

Taylor Technical Service

Technical Service, initially based in the town of Antofagasta, we have field technicians with specific tools, both for diagnosis and repairs.
Service with scope throughout the national territory, with a reaction capacity of 24-48 hours.

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Working With ALVINTER

Port Equipment Spare Parts - Container Handling Equipment

We can ship port equipment parts anywhere in the world with the fastest turnaround in the market. Contact us with your request and get immediate support.

Getting To Know Us

Container Handling Equipment - Port Equipment and Machinery

We ship around the world directly from our facility near Miami or using the nearest key agent. Any port equipment spare part, from a simple bearing to a new transmission.

New/Used Equipment

Container Handling Equipment - Port Equipment Spare Parts

Our location in Miramar, Florida has a large inventory of new and reconditioned port equipment. For example: Forklifts, Bomb Carts, and Terminal Tractors.

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